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Visit to the Doctor

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Visit to the Doctor

As part of your birth package with Birthright Citizenship Canada, you will have a weekly visit with a doctor who will ascertain your health and the health of your child. These visits are an important part of keeping you and your child well throughout your time here. Access to this top Canadian healthcare is one of the best reasons to choose giving birth in Canada.

Why are doctor visits weekly?

The development during the final weeks of your pregnancy are rapid. During this time, changes can happen quickly and a weekly doctor visit helps ensure everything is in place for a safe, healthy delivery.

Weekly visits are especially important from week 36 to week 40, when you are considered at full time. If you should happen to arrive in Canada well before your 36th week, less frequent visits may be possible.

Why do I have to visit the doctor after my flight?

It is generally considered safe to fly while pregnant as long as you do not have known complications. However, there are some restrictions for most airlines because there are potential risks. Typically, an airline will not let you fly if you are at 37 weeks or later. If you are pregnant with twins or more children, you may not be able to fly past 32 weeks as multiple births can have higher risks.

Though flying is safe, it can be tiring especially while pregnant. A doctor visit after your flight will help determine the state of your health and your child’s. If you are feeling any discomfort, your doctor will be able to help determine if this is just fatigue from the flight or something else.

Can I have a doctor who speaks my native language?

Birthright Citizenship Canada will do our best to match you with a doctor who speaks your language whenever possible. If this option is not available, we will work to get you translator services and to keep you informed about your progress.

Can my spouse or a family member join me at the doctor visits?

Yes, if you would like to have someone with you at your doctor visits, they are welcome to attend. They will also be able to visit you during the delivery.

Will my doctor be at my delivery?

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the doctor who examines you weekly will also be at your delivery.

Finding the Right Doctor for You

Birthright Citizenship Canada will work with you to find a doctor who can provide the best care while observing any traditions you may have from your home country. To learn more about how we select our doctors and hospitals, fill out our simple application form for an initial consultation.