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Canadian baby

My son will be 6 months old tomorrow (born at the Toronto General Hospital) and I still think of the amazing care I was in when I was a Birthright Citizenship Canada client. They are incredible team and I always felt like we were in the best possible hands!!

Best possible care

I express my deep gratitude to all the staff of the Birthright Citizenship Canada, starting from our arrival to Canada. The nurses are very attentive, positive, and polite. For supporting us with all needs , special thanks to the doctor. I wish you well-being, family warmth and increased income for your noble work! THANKS YOU!

Giving my gratitude for your help

My request after arriving home were responded to on time, the doulas showed up promptly and while maintaining their professionalism, they were also genuinely warm. I got the 24 hours package and split them into 6 sessions across 2 doulas and there was never a time I received unsatisfactory service. Whether it was indoors or out and about for appointments, the doulas were a saving grace.

After birth help

My baby was born “on the phone” and starting from a “back to back” position, despite this I had no tear and a completely pain free after birth: I could sit comfortably immediately after delivery with not even a feeling of discomfort. I am very happy I used Canada Kids services.

Help with difficult delivery

I’m so happy I used the Birthright Citizenship Canada. We can’t thank our wonderful midwives enough for their support and love through our journey to become parents. Our home birth was calm and personal and put us in control of decisions that were important to us. The care following our baby’s birth has been amazing. I feel it really helped me have a very positive first child birth experience. Thank you!!!!

Very positive first child birth experience

I have no doubt that using Birthright Citizenship Canada in the lead up to my labour helped me become accustomed to the type of pain I was due to experience so I could be more prepared for it. I had a very quick and trouble free labour and I believe my relaxed state of mind contributed to this thanks to the Birthright Citizenship Canada. I have since recommended it to all pregnant friends.

Recommended it to all pregnant friends