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How It Works

Initial consultation

We guarantee all required documents receiving on time, when submitting with us

Preparation For Departure

We help to get your visas, select and book accommodation, collect the necessary documents

Meeting At The Airport

We meet, bring to housing, we explain and show everything: transport, banks, shops

Visit to the doctor

Together with you we choose a doctor from the best obstetricians of Toronto. Before delivery, we bring you to the selected doctor once a week.


We accompany you to the birth, we are in the clinic until and after the birth.

Hospital discharge

We provide transfer from the hospital and car-sit during your stay in Canada. We assist you with child birth certificate application.

Canadian Passport

We help you to get a Canadian passport for a child promptly


We schedule an appointment to neonatologist per your request before departure.


We will support you with check out from housing and organize transfer to the airport!

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Birthright Citizenship Canada

Birthright Citizenship Canada is dedicated to professional service

Paper Work And Visas

Giving birth is one of the most important things you will ever do. We understand that your attention and energy should be spent making sure that everything goes smoothly. This is why we will help to handle any of the necessary paperwork, to make both your stay and the birth as stress free as possible.

Included in this are any dealings with both Canadian medical and tourist visas, and any documentation involved in process of registration for citizenship and passports.

As soon as you have a birth certificate we can begin the process of making sure your child is a registered Canadian citizen.

Contact Birthright Citizenship Canada today! Give Us A Call Now 647-646-5437

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Canadian Passport

Home Birth

While giving birth is a well understood practice, it is clear that not everyone wants to give birth in the same way. We can tailor our services in order to more closely match the experience you want whilst giving birth. After all, it is an extremely personal moment. If you have a specific requirement surrounding the birthing experience make sure to get in contact and let us know.

We have dealt with requests of all kinds, both big and small so if you have something in mind it is important to get in touch!

As strange as it sounds preparing for childbirth needs a lot of organisation in order for the process to be as comfortable and stress free as possible. Our packages can organize services for you from the moment you land in Canada, helping to take the weight off of your shoulders.

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Multi National

As an organisation we have helped women from a wide number of nations, because of this we understand that there are a number of different traditions surrounding birth depending on where you are from. We always make sure to be aware of cultural differences when dealing with our clients, to make them feel at ease.

Many of our clients do not speak fluent English and so we try our best to communicate in a way that is comfortable to you. Whilst we may not speak your language, we will do everything in our power to make sure that each and every process is understood.

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Driver Services

Equally, if you are not looking to rent a car but still need a way to explore, we can arrange for a driver to take you around the city, or to and from different locations. Taxiing services can be arranged given the proper.

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We can help with providing information about the city you are staying in, including the best areas to wine and dine, where the entertainment is and where the areas of cultural and historical significance are.

Getting to know … can help make your stay feel more natural, and the warm and welcoming nature of the Canadian people will really put you at ease while you vacation.

If you want to know the location of something in particular or would like to know more personal recommendations on local services our staff is more than happy to help with that!

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Facilitate Your Experience

We are in contact with a number of different rent-a-car services which means we will be able to sort any temporary form of transport out for your stay. We understand that getting a chance to explore Canada is an exciting opportunity and we would definitely recommend hiring a car to take a look around during your stay.

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