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Preparation for Departure

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Preparation for Departure

As you prepare for departure from your home country to come to Canada, it can be both a stressful and exciting time. Like with any international travel, proper documents and passports are required to ensure your safe arrival and departure. When traveling to give birth in another country, the importance of finding proper accommodations and healthcare are additional concerns.
With Birthright Citizenship Canada, we make this process as easy as possible by taking care of your temporary resident visas, booking accommodations and collecting all necessary documents. With our help, you will be able to depart your home country with all proper plans in place. Let us help you plan a safe departure!

Temporary Resident Visas (TRV)

A temporary visa or TRV, is required for anyone who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in order to enter the country. There are some exceptions, but as a visitor, you will require one.
This official document is attached to your passport and shows that you meet the requirements for entering Canada. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • You must be in good health
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Not intend to work or study while in Canada
  • Intend to leave Canada when your visa expires
  • Be prepared with additional documentation if necessary

Why do you need help obtaining a TRV?

The most important reason to seek agency help with obtaining a TRV is because you must obtain your TRV before you depart your home country. There is currently no way to obtain a TRV once you are on Canadian soil.
Birthright Citizenship Canada has the experience necessary to help you navigate this process. You may also be asked to provide additional documentation and need to satisfy other requirements upon arrival.

Book Accommodations

Choosing accommodations in another country can be difficult as there are often language barriers, cultural differences and a lack of knowledge about the area to contend with. Our experienced agents will book comfortable accommodations near the medical facility where you will give birth and close to many of the city’s attractions. Whenever possible, we will take into account any special requests you have about where you would like to stay.

Organize Documentation

Staying organized with proper documentation can be difficult when you have so many things to take care of. Birthright Citizenship Canada will collect, organize and file documentation as necessary to take the stress out of this process.

Learn More about What you Need Before Departure

Ready to learn more about what you need to prepare for coming to Canada? Fill out our application form to speak with a knowledgeable agent for your initial consultation. Contact Birthright Citizenship Canada today!