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Neonatologist Toronto

While the vast majority of births go according to plan, sometimes your baby may have complications. This can include breathing issues, birth defects or infections. To give you peace of mind about these complications, Birthright Citizenship Canada gives you the option to have an appointment with a neonatologist.

What is a neonatologist?

A neonatologist specializes in treating and diagnosing conditions that are present at birth. This includes issues that may be present because a baby is born prematurely, typically before 34 weeks.

Does my baby need to see a neonatologist?

No, a neonatologist is not necessary for all births. Your doctor or nurse will likely recommend a specialist for your baby if certain conditions are present.

When is a neonatologist necessary?

Your regular doctor will be able to diagnose and treat most situations that you or your baby encounter. However, certain conditions do require a specialist. A neonatologist is likely to be needed if any of the following occur:

  • Your baby is premature: If your baby is born before 34 weeks, there are likely to be some complications. A neonatologist can help to ensure your baby gets proper nutrition and care since they will likely not be able to feed normally. Babies born before 32 weeks are the most likely to need extensive care after birth.
  • When special equipment is required: babies with medical conditions often require specialist instruments and experts who know how to use those instruments. As part of their training, neonatologists learn to use medical equipment specially designed for newborns.
  • When there are problems before birth: With advanced medical screening, it is often possible to see issues with the fetus before birth. In such cases, it is best to have a specialist on hand. This is another reason to keep up with weekly doctor appointments prior to your delivery date.
  • Breathing problems and birth defects: both breathing problems and birth defects come in degrees of severity. The reason behind the conditions can also vary greatly from serious to easily fixable. A neonatologist is the best medical professional available to give a proper diagnosis with confidence.

When to Request a Neonatologist

A neonatologist appointment will be made available to you before your discharge from the hospital. If complications are seen during your ultrasound leading up to delivery, you may also request a specialist at that time.
At every step, Birthright Citizenship Canada will be there with you to get the best medical help possible. If you have been diagnosed with any complications prior to departing from your home country, we encourage you to discuss this with us during your initial consultation.