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Initial Consultation

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Initial Consultation for Canadian Birth-Right Citizenship in Toronto

Your initial consultation with Birthright Citizenship Canada will give you all the information you need to understand the process of gaining Birthright Citizenship for your child. You will learn the next steps you need to take and what your options are for giving birth in Canada. We are committed to keeping you informed and comfortable throughout this process and look forward to helping you give your child the gift of Canadian citizenship!

Knowing Your Options

We know that the decision to give birth in another country can be difficult and overwhelming. This is why our initial consultation is focused on giving you the information you need in a way that is easy to understand. No legal jargon or overly complicated wording. We let you know your rights, options and everything that we can do to make this process better for you, your family and your new child.

Documentation Made Easy

Paperwork for your arrival in the country and all documentation related to the birth of your child is an important part of the birth process in Canada. Minor details like failing to fill out a single form can often hold up your arrival in Canada or other processes. With Birthright Citizenship Canada, we take the frustration and guesswork out of filing paperwork.
Our years of experience helping hundreds of women to give birth in Canada have given us the knowledge to make documentation filing seamless. We file paperwork on your behalf when possible and inform you of all necessary documents needed from you in advance.

Our Promise to You

Birthright Citizenship Canada is committed to helping you and your family have a safe, comfortable experience giving birth in Canada. We have worked with many individuals, couples and families to help realize the dream of giving their children Canadian citizenship and look forward to doing the same for you!
Starting with your Initial Consultation, our team of Birthright Citizenship and Consultancy experts will be here to guide you through every step. From your arrival on Canadian soil until you depart to your home country, our agency is here to help ease this process so you can focus on your health and the health of your new child.

Easy Application for Initial Consultation

To get started with your initial consultation, use our simple online application form. We are happy to communicate via email or telephone at your convenience and will make every effort to ensure we can speak in the language you are most comfortable with. Get started now by visiting our application page. Contact Birthright Citizenship Canada today!