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Hospital Discharge

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Hospital Discharge after Delivery Toronto

Hospital discharge in Canada will require some paperwork including a childbirth certificate application. This process can sometimes have complications especially when you are not a Canadian resident or if you do not speak the language. Birthright Citizenship Canada will be there with you to ensure all proper paperwork is filed and you are able to get much needed rest after delivery.

How long will I stay in the hospital after delivery?

Most women and newborns are able to leave the hospital in as little as 24-48 hours. This includes any baby that was delivered at full term (at least 37 weeks) and most healthy babies delivered between 34 and 36 weeks. Babies born earlier than this are likely to require additional care before leaving the hospital.

What happens before you are discharged from the hospital?

With Canada’s thorough healthcare system, several tests are conducted and measures taken to ensure the health of your baby. Some basic precautions taken before you are discharged, include:

  • Your newborn’s vital signs and basic functions will be checked. This includes ensuring a normal temperature and that they have a bowel movement before being discharged. A normal movement helps to rule out the chance of any kind of bowel obstruction or digestion issues.
  • You will be given any necessary medications and supplements. Vitamin K in particular is used to prevent bleeding. Vaccines will also be administered at this time.
  • Your baby will have at least two successful feedings before being allowed to discharge from the hospital. Issues with eating are not uncommon and this will help ensure you will not need to return to the hospital if your baby is not feeding.

Transfer from the Hospital

We provide safe transfer from the hospital after your discharge. You will not be able to drive yourself so  transfer provisions are necessary. We will transfer you  back to your accommodations to allow you to rest before you depart for your home country.

Option to See a Specialist

Before discharge, you may also request to see a neonatologist. A neonatologist specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions that are present at birth. This includes infections, breathing problems and other physical defects.
A neonatologist appointment is optional. However, if your newborn does have any issues, an appointment will be made available to you. We ask that you request this before leaving the hospital.

Childbirth Certificate Application

A childbirth certificate is an important document that will be needed now and when your child is older. We will help you fill out and register this form during your hospital discharge.

Learn More about Delivery in a Canadian Hospital

Birthright Citizenship Canada welcomes your questions about staying in the hospital and your delivery. Fill out our simple application form to request an initial consultation.