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Doula Services

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Labour Doula Services Toronto

Doulas are a special and important part of your birthing team. These caregivers are specially trained and experienced in giving comfort, information and support before, during and directly after your delivery.
We offer doula services because we understand just how important this support can be to a new mother. Doulas can help explain important medical processes and will have the experience necessary to understand the stress and emotions you are likely to feel during and after your delivery.

Why are Doulas so Important?

Doulas, in essence, are here for YOU. While most other birthing professionals are focused on the physical health and well being of your pregnancy and your newborn, a doula provides emotional support.
Though your birth team of doctors and nurses are well qualified to ensure your physical health, they often do not have the time to give personal attention to your concerns. For a doula, addressing your concerns and helping you prepare for all the changes you are going through, is their primary job.
A doula can help explain medical procedures to you, answer your questions and help support you at every step of your delivery. In fact, they are so important the World Health Organization suggests doulas should be at every birth

Is a Doula the same as a Midwife?

Midwife and labour doula services can have similarities, but their roles are different. While a midwife has medical training to help with the actual birth, a doula’s role is to offer mental, physical and emotional support to both you and your partner.

Labour Doula Services Toronto

Doulas provide a much needed sense of calm during labour. No matter how much you plan for this day, the reality is often different than you or your partner imagined. A doula will not only help to remind you of things like breathing exercises but also give your partner direction.
Spouses and partners of expectant mothers often struggle with knowing what to do while their loved one is in labour. Doulas can help direct their energy and give them helpful ways to comfort you.
First time parents can have an especially difficult time during labour as the mental and emotional stress is more than expected. A doula is the one who will help to make this easier on you by bringing ice chips, providing gentle massage and getting you those small things that provide a measure of comfort.

Postpartum Doula Services Toronto

Postpartum refers to the time after you have given birth. All women will experience emotional and physical effects during the hours and weeks after delivery. Postpartum doula services can be an invaluable help during this time.
Postpartum doula services will vary depending on your needs. For some, a doula at this time will offer emotional support by helping you talk through anything you may be feeling. They can also help with information on feeding and care for your newborn. In other situations, they may be able to help with light housekeeping duties and running errands related to childcare.

Do I Need to have a Doula?

Doulas are not required but their services have been shown to help new mothers and their partners to adjust to having a newborn. To learn more about Birthright Citizenship Canada doula services, fill out our simple application form.