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International Departure Arrangement

Departure day for international travel can often be stressful. Birthright Citizenship Canada helps make your departure easier by taking care of important details in advance and working to ensure you arrive on your flight on time.

Checkout from your Accommodations

We will help take care of any final details at your temporary residence. This includes any check out procedures, going over any additional costs that were incurred during your stay, and making arrangements for your luggage when necessary.

Transportation to the Airport

Often, the most difficult part about flying is getting to the airport on time. With Birthright Citizenship Canada, we will arrange transportation for you, your newborn and your luggage. Whenever possible, we arrange to have you stay near the airport so this final trip will not take long.

We Get you There on Time!

One of the biggest advantages of pre-arranged airport transportation is that we will track your flight time and make sure you arrive on time. For international flights this means arriving at least 3 hours prior to take off.
The schedule for your departure day will be discussed in advance. This includes setting the time we will arrive at your accommodations to pick you up, meeting point and all important details.

Making Sure you Have Everything you Need

Birthright Citizenship Canada knows how hectic traveling can be, especially with a newborn. Before your departure, we will let you know all necessary documents you may need to board your flight and help you get any items you may need for your trip.
Before boarding your flight, there are several things that will be important for you to have. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All the possessions you came with (we recommend making a list of items you bring with you to ensure all are packed again before you leave)
  • Proper documentation and passports for yourself, your newborn and anyone traveling with you.
  • Any medications you or your newborn need. This may include some supplements and vitamins recommended by your doctor after delivery.
  • You may also need formula and baby bottles for your infant if this is your preferred feeding method.
  • Diapers, a baby blanket, baby wipes and other essentials to care for your newborn during the flight

Final Details

While every effort is made to complete all steps and paperwork before your departure day, we will use this time to go over any final details that may need attention. Whether it is filling out any final forms or going over your packing list, Birthright Citizenship Canada makes sure you can board your plane on time and with everything you need for a safe return.