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Сhildbirth Citizenship

With lower infant and mother mortality rates than most countries in the world and a top healthcare system, childbirth in Canada can be an ideal choice. When giving birth in Canada, we work with you to give you the personalized and safe experience you deserve. With our help, you can choose from either a hospital delivery or home setting birth along with the support of a labour doula.

What to Expect with Childbirth in Canada?

Canada is one of only two developed nations that offer Birthright Citizenship. The other country being the United States. While birth tourism in the U.S. is also popular, the Canadian healthcare system outranks the U.S.’s in many categories. Canada’s infant mortality rate is also lower than that in the U.S. Overall. Additionally, persons choosing to give birth in Canada are met with less opposition and a more welcoming environment.
If you are still choosing between the U.S. and Canada, these reasons can be important in your decision. Additionally, Canadian citizenship will give your child potential access to lower tuition rates and the national healthcare system if they choose to live in Canada when they are an adult.

Hospital and Home Setting Birth

Birthright Citizenship Canada offers assistance with both hospital and home setting birth. With a hospital birth, you will have access to the best medical care. If there are any suspected complications with your pregnancy, a hospital birth may be the right option.
However, a home birth setting can provide a much more calming and relaxed setting. It is also the best option if you should want to incorporate certain birthing traditions from your home country. No matter your preferences, we are here to support you and find the best options to suit your needs.
Respecting Your Birth Traditions
Birthright Citizenship Canada works with women around the world and we understand how important birthing traditions can be. We are committed to helping you have an experience that honors your native traditions whenever possible.
We encourage you to discuss any specific traditions you would like to see observed during your pregnancy with us prior to your arrival in Canada. We will also do our best to match you with healthcare providers and translation services in your preferred language.

Is Childbirth in Canada Free?

One of the many benefits to citizens and permanent residents is access to free and low-cost healthcare options. However, non-residents will either need to pay these costs directly or have international insurance.
International insurance can save you thousands of dollars while giving you access to Canada’s excellent healthcare system. Insurance is one of the many topics we will cover with you prior to your departure from your home country.

Learn More about Why Women Choose Childbirth in Canada

Ready to find out more about your childbirth options in Canada? Birthright Citizenship Canada is here to help you navigate this process. Fill out our application form to schedule an initial consultation today.