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Canadian Passport

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Benefits of a Canadian Passport

Your child’s Canadian passport is a representation of the new birthright they now have. Not only is it an important and necessary document, it can serve as a special reminder of your time here in Canada. It will also serve as a literal passport to the benefits of traveling as a Canadian.

What are the Benefits of a Canadian Passport?

A Canadian passport has benefits the same way Canadian citizenship does. Canadians enjoy a relatively easy process for obtaining visas in many countries and an ease of travel that is not afforded many other countries. A Canadian passport will also make it easier for your child to come back to Canada. It can often be easier obtaining a renewal for a passport as well as long as you do not let it expire.

Does a Newborn Require a Passport?

Yes. Age does not factor into deciding if a person requires a passport. If a newborn does not have a passport, they will not be allowed onto an international flight.

What Documents are Needed to Obtain a Passport for My Newborn?

Though your child is perhaps only days old, they will already have several forms of documentation available. Many of these will be required to obtain a passport before boarding a plane back to your home country.
Passport requirements are subject to change, but currently, your newborn will need:

  • Proof of their parentage and/or proof legal guardianship
  • Any other custody documents that concern the child
  • An identifying photo
  • Proof of their Canadian Citizenship
  • Each document must be original but they will be returned to you
  • There will also be an application form that must be filled out

While this list may seem extensive, Birthright Citizenship Canada can help to simplify the process. We will assist in obtaining and filing all necessary documents to ensure the safe departure of you and your newborn.

How long is my Newborn’s Passport Valid?

For children under the age of 15, a passport will expire in 5 years. For adults over the age of 16, a passport will be valid for 10 years. This difference is due to the fact that minors will change and age much more rapidly than adults. Their identifying photo will need to be updated.

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