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About Us

Birthright Citizenship Canada

Birthright Citizenship Canada was created to help ease the way for expectant mothers to safely and comfortably give birth in Canada. During our years of operation, we have helped hundreds of families to give their children the gift of Canadian Citizenship.
We make this journey easier on you with our all inclusive packages. Our complete birth packages include everything from roundtrip air travel and accommodations to top healthcare services. At Birthright Citizenship Canada, we are committed to making your travel to Canada and your delivery as simple and comfortable as possible.

Our Team

We are here for you! Our team is committed to helping you with every aspect of your travel and stay in Canada. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience necessary to not only meet your needs but anticipate what will make your stay better.
We are even here to help you enjoy the city during your stay. Canada is a beautiful country known for both its natural and urban attractions. We can help to arrange transportation for you during your stay and give recommendations to make your visit even better.

Why Choose Birthright Citizenship Canada

  • We know the law and how to help you easily navigate travel to and from Canada.
  • In Canada, it is 100% legal for you to give birth on Canadian soil and obtain citizenship for your child. Our assistance helps ensure this process is simple and easy for you.
  • We are problem solvers!
  • Our team is available to you from the moment you arrive. Should there ever be any issues during your arrival, we will be there to help resolve them.
  • We help you access top healthcare providers
  • We work with top rated and specialist doctors who can give you the care you need before, during and after your delivery. This includes special care for high-risk pregnancies and help for any birth defects.
  • We care for your physical and emotional health with doula services
  • Doulas are special caregivers who are trained to help support you before, during and directly after your delivery. They can answer your questions, provide comfort and help you navigate the physical and emotional symptoms you will be experiencing at this time.

Experience the Difference for Yourself

Learn how Birthright Citizenship Canada can help you, by requesting an initial consultation. We cannot wait to help you grow your family in Canada!

Give your child the gift of Canadian Citizenship!

Canadian citizenship will give your child access to many advantages including a Canadian passport.

  • Canadian citizenship means opportunity in a country known for its promotion of diversity. This can include easier access to job and educational opportunities in Canada.
  • Your child’s Canadian Citizenship is permanent. Unlike other forms of citizenship, birthright citizenship can never be taken away no matter how long you live outside the country.
  • Canada is a prosperous and peaceful country. Birthright Citizenship will give your child an easier path to come here in the event that they need to leave your home country.